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About Us:

Chi Rho is Wake Forest's all-male Christian a cappella group and seeks to spread Christ's love through its music. Founded in 1992 by a group of Wake Forest students that saw a need for a music-based ministry on campus, the group has recorded more than a dozen albums over the past 30 years and has toured throughout the United States. Chi Rho has also toured internationally in France and in a missionary role in Zambia.


The group's name, which is pronounced "Kai Ro," is formed by the first two letters of the Greek spelling of Christ. While these letters appear on Wake Forest University's seal, they are most important because they mean that wherever the group goes, they will literally bear the name of Christ.


Chi Rho is founded upon the tenets of music, ministry, and brotherhood, three facets of the group which are treated as equal in their importance. But above all, Chi Rho seeks to spread the love of God to as many people as it can, in as many ways possible. For more information on the group or for scheduling inquiries, contact Zac Anderson at

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